• NEW YORK UNIVERSITY (screenwriting)


  • HB STUDIO, NEW YORK (acting, playwriting and directing) 

  • 2016 Anchorman, Football commentater (voice, Feature), The Vibe, Gilles Gambino. KinoBarna

  • 2016 Thief (Feature), The Bookshop, Isabel Coixet. Zephyr Films 

  • 2009 Unnamed Businessman (Student), Going Up, Peter Cooke. LCC 

  • 2008 Charles (Short), The Discreet Charm, Jamie Hamilton. University of the Arts

  • 2008 Jamie (Short), Vice Versa, ihad Ziyad. Rising Light Entertainment

  • 2008 Rob Talbot (Student), Houses, Danielle Falknor. AF uk Productions

  • 2008 Bookish Man (Short), Chess Club, Nick Dossitor/Kevin Nolan. Signature Films

  • 2008 Simon (Short), Co-Exsistence feat. Danny Dyer, John Jeanes/Emma Middleton. Jem Productions 

  • 2019 - Templanza (TV Series)

  • 2016 Martini Man, Commercial, Ben Strebel, Alberto del Oeste s.l 

  • 2015 Painter Commercial, Alfa Romeo. Laszlo Kader, Buddy Films 

  • 2000 Student TV, Silent Witness, Various. BBC Television 

  • 2016 Barry, Its not about Paris, Jenny Beacroft playinaday. Centre Cutural La Violeta

  • 2016 One, Shame - segment Confashion, Carrie Lillie. Project B, Tinta Roja 

  • 2016 Adolf Hilter, Shame - segment Albert, Sarah Pickles. Project B, Tinta Roja

  • 2009 The Theatrical Device, Being in Love with Alice, Mike Carter. Bilwa Theatre, Barons Court Theatre 

  • 2009 The Lonely Astronaut, Musical, 2009 An Ape Odyssey, Nick Dossitor/Kevin Nolan. Signature Films 

  • 2009 Peter, Ache, Monique Sterling. First Draft Theatre, Barons Court Theatre 

  • 2008 Eddie (Lead) Musical, Networking the Musical, Geoff Morris. Entertainment Now 

  • 2007 Aristoltle Arsartis/Jamie Hooper, The Crumps V's The Catskills, Dean M Drinkle. El Lupo Theatre Company, The Plesance, Islington 

  • 2002 Soloist, A Night of the Movies, Carrie Newey. KASPA, Shakespeare Room, Winchester 

  • 2001 Bobby Franklin Theatre, Run for your Wife, Mark Hill. Over the Hill Theatre Company, John Stripe Theatre 

  • 2001 Tin man Theatre, Jack and the Beerstalk, Dan McGary. KASPA, John Stripe Theatre 

  • 2001 Lord Brockhurst, The Boyfriend, Matthew Woodgate. KASPA, John Stripe Theatre 

  • 2000 Lamp post/ Dancer, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Elizabeth Kempson. KASPA, John Stripe Theatre

  • 2000 Soloist, Showstoppers, Mark Hill. KASPA, The Arts Centre, Winchester 

  • 1999 Buttons, Cinderella, Jennifer Smith. KASPA, John Stripe Theatre 

  • 1999 Man/towncrier, Vinegar Tom, Peter Southcott. Serious Theatre Productions, The Grange, Ellesmere Port 

  • 1998 Towncrier/MC, Mort, Adam Jones. CGYT, Chester Gateway 

  • 1998 Son, Much ado about Xmas, Peter Southcott. The Grange Performance Company, The Grange, Ellesmere Port 

  • 1998 Salvador Dali, The Lorca Experience, Peter Southcott. The Grange Performance Company, The Grange, Ellesmere Port 

  • 1997 War Hero, It's not Romeo and Juliet, Catherine Kirk. The Grange Performance Company, The Grange, Ellesmere Port