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  • Feature Film, General Owens, CODE RED, Indi Films , Valeri Milev

  • Feature Film, Alec, The Debt Collector, GREEN STREET 3: NEVER BACK DOWN, Maniac Fiction / Lionsgate, James Nunn

  • Feature Film, Gilbey, SHAME THE DEVIL, Press On Features, Paul Tanter

  • Feature Film, The Removal Man, CONFINE, Two Bells Prods., Tobias Tobell

  • Feature Film, Burly Man, THE WEDDING VIDEO, Squirrel Films, Nigel Cole

  • Feature Film, Alec, THE QUIET ONE, The Quiet One Ltd., Jon Pegg

  • Feature Film, The Gravedigger, THE ZOMBIE KING, Northern Girl Prods, Aidan Belizaire

  • Feature Film, Terry, U.F.O., Hawthorn Prods., Dominic Burns

  • Feature Film, Troy Martindale, HARRY BROWN, Marv Films, Daniel Barber

  • Feature Film, Man at Highland Games, MADE OF HONOUR, Columbia Pictures, Paul Weiland


  • Black Lorren, GAME OF THRONES (S2, E5, 6, 7 & 10), HBO / Fire & Blood Prods., Various

  • S.K.U.L. Henchman #2, MI HIGH (S6, E1), Kudos (Brown Eyed Boy), Simon Hynd

  • Gundealer's henchman, HUNTED (S1, E6), Kudos (Morton), Alrick Riley

  • Julius, SAFELIGHT 19, Scruffy Bear Pictures, Darren S. Cook


More than 70 credits available upon request.