Harry hains


  • ” The Barrow Group, Acting, New York, NY, 2013 Film/TV; Scene Study.

  • 16th Street, Acting, Melbourne, Australia, 2013 Scene Study; Strasburg Technique.

  • Actor's Centre, Acting, London, United Kingdom, 2012 Contemporary & Shakespearean Text; Film/TV.

  • St Martin's Youth Theatre, Youth Drama Program, Melbourne, Australia, 2011 Performance Ensemble; Foundation Ensemble.

  • UCLA Extension, Film Studies, Los Angeles, 2014 "Cinema Gym" Film & TV, Auditon Technique (Alex D'Lerma).

  • Ivana Chubbuck Studios, Advanced Class in the Chubbuck Technique, Los Angeles, CA, 2014



  • "Groupies" 

  • "You Found Me"

  • "The Total Princess"

  • "Moon People" 

  • "The Surface".

  • "Fallen Blossoms".

  • "The Mangled".

  • "Caihong City".

  • "Cigarettes Burn Faster In The Sun".

  • "The Death Role".



  • Gymnastics, Dancing, Surfing, Boxing, Aerobics, Tennis, Cycling, Swimming.

  • Piano, flute.




  • Several accents: New York (Brooklyn), British, Russian, Australian, French, German, Cockney, South African, US Southern and Eastern European.