• DERREN BROWN, Channel 4, Simon Dinsell

  • Rachel Cookson, DOCTORS, BBC Television, Louise Hooper

  • Sales Assistant, DAMAGE, RTE, Aisling Walsh

  • Kez, TRACEY BEAKER, BBC Television, Delyth Thomas

  • Lady at séance, LEAST HAUNTED, BBC Television, Darren Broome

  • Mary Queen of Scots, BLOODLINE, Simon Colliar

  • Dr Faustus, DR FAUSTUS, Watford Theatre Palace, George Perrin

  • Anna, THE GOVERMENT INSPECTOR, Gravel Theatre Company, Owen Roberts

  • Anne Danby, KEAN, Thelma Holt Production, Adrian Noble * Number 1 tour finishing in Westend

  • Camille, MY MATISSE, Ruth Carney

  • Virgilia, CORIOLANUS, Shakespeare's Globe, Dominic Dromgoole

  • Ann/Roger Flint, UNDER THE BLACK FLAG, Shakespeare's Globe, Roxana Silbert

  • Rosemary, FACTORY GIRLS, Arcola Theatre, Raz Shaw

  • Bridget, TRANSLATIONS, National Theatre, Sean Holmes 

  • Rhoda Marley, ROOKERY NOOK, Oxford Stage Company, Dominic Dromgoole *

  • Minnie Powell, THE SHADOW OF A GUNMAN, Oxford Stage Company, Dominic Dromgoole

  • Sister Anne, CHILDREN OF EVE, Dry Ice Theatre Company, Darragh Collins