• Max Decker’s MAD Acting Studios

  • Stephen Book Improvisation Technique (L.A.)

  • Accents & Characters - Corff Voice Studios w/Claire Corff (L.A.)

  • Bobbie Chance Scene Study & Improv Class (L.A.)

  • Actor’s Workshop w/Sir Ben Kingsley (London, England)

  • In The Act (I.T.A.) Productions - Casting Director and Cold-Reading Workshops (L.A.)

  • L.A. Connection Comedy Theatre: Sunday Improv Troupe & Sketch Writers Lab, w/ Director Kent Skov (L.A.)

  • Film & Television Master Classes w/Film Director Elliott Keener (New Orleans)

  • Chasing the star as King Herod. Dir. Bret Miller (Collective Dev)

  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of justice as Emmet Vale. Dir. Zack Snyder (Warner Bros)

  • Saugatuck Cures as Reverend Brimstone. Dir. Matthew Ladensack (Permoveo)

  • Bestseller as Gerald Morgan. Dir. Christina Rohn (Collective Dev)

  • Lucky Jay as Prof Frank Blomquist. Dir. Harper Philbin (Gran Valley Pics)

  • Burst theory as Donovan Dir. Zac Page

  • Pirate's Code: The Adventures of Mickey Matson as Seamus. Dir. Harold Cronk (EMC Productions)

  • The Door as Ian Dir. David Prindle

  • Silver Bells as News Anchor. Dir. Harold Cronk (EMC Productions)

  • Free Pie as Kowalski. Dir. Caleb Slain

  • Oz: The Great & Powerful (w/ James Franco, Mila Kunis, Michelle Williams, Zach Braff, Rachel Weisz) Dir. Sam Raimi 

  • The Painter & The Wife as Sidney. Dir. Andy Fortenbacher

  • Setup (w/ Bruce Willis, Ryan Phillippe, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson) Dir. Mike Gunther (Cheetah Vision)

  • Horizontal Accidents as Boeve. Dir. Tom Seidman (Grand Valley Pics)

  • Alleged (w/ Brian Dennehy, Fred Thompson, Colm Meaney) Dir. Tom Hines 

  • Mr. Woodcock (w/ Billy Bob Thornton, Susan Sarandon) Dir. Craig Gillespie 

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl - ADR Voice Artist. Dir. Gore Verbinski (Walt Disney)

  • The Ore as Errol. Dir. Jesse Soff 

  • The Black Door as Theo. Dir. Sam R. Balcomb 

  • The adventures of Megabyte Man as Narrator. Dir. Justin Folk

  • Dear Jimmy as District Attorney. Dir. Jonathan Engel

  • Headhunter as The Man. Dir. Paul Tarantino

  • Jean Reno: The road to "Léon" as Narrator. Dir. Stuart Richardson (Mirage Sony)

  • Natalie Portman: Starting Young as Narrator. Dir. Stuart Richardson (Mirage Sony)

  • Dog's Hamlet, Cahoot's Macbeth as Easy. Dir. J. Paul Zimmerman

  • The Good Fight as Les Wint. Dir. David Voda

  • 13 Going on 30 as ADR Voice - Andy Serkis. Dir. Gary Winick (Revolution Studios)

  • The Seventh Bottle as William. Dir. Gustavo Camelot

  • Jewel of the Sahara as Harold Belany. Dir. Ariel Vromen (Keyser Productions)

  • Amazing Nurse Nanako as Archbishop Cross. Dir. Hiroshi Neigishi

  • Chines Box as The principal. Dir. Wayne Wang (Canal +)

  • 3x3 Eyes: Legend of the Divine Demon as Choukai. Dir. Daisuke Nishio

  • Low Winter Sun as Guest Star. Dir. Andrew Bernstein (AMC)

  • Beverlywood. Series Regular (12 ep) Dir. Gregory Lee Kenyon

  • Hellsing. Series Regular (10 ep) Dir. Umanosuke Lida

  • Dive-In (Piloto) Series Regular. Dir. Gordon Cantonwine

  • Frozen (winner 2010 Grand Award, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Play) as Ralph - Actor's Theatre, Grand Rapids, MI

  • Equinox (L.A Times Recommended) as Mallory - The Odyssey Theatre, L.A

  • The Body (L.A Times Recommended) as Kenneth - The Matrix Theatre, L.A

  • The Trial (L.A Weekly Pick of the Week) as Titorelli - Write Act Repertory Theatre, L.A

  • Sex Parasite as Professor Pearson - Mark Taper Forum, L.A

  • Henry V (L.A Times Critic's Choice) as Dardolph, Dauphin - The Odyssey Theatre, L.A

  • Playboy of the Western World (L.A Weekly Pick of the Week) as Philly Cullen - Furious Theatre Company

  • The Strip (L.A Weekly Pick of the Week) asPhilly Cullen - Furious Theatre Company, L.A

  • Hollywood Follies (Pilot) as Recurring Guest Star - Steph Lady

  • Accent/Character Specialist (Native British, Scottish, Irish, American, Russian, German, French, Indian)

  • Experienced audiobook narrator (300+ titles)
    Animation and V/O Talent

  • Skier (Snow and Water)

  • PADI-Qualified Scuba Diver

  • Motorcyclist

  • Sword-Fighting & Weapons (Handgun/Rifle/Saber/Broadsword)

  • Languages: fluent Spanish, French, German

  • Dual National (British/US), with residency and working rights in the US, UK, and the EU