reg wilson 

  • Guildford School of Acting
  • Meisner Technique, tutored by Scott Williams 
  • Tom & Clem, directed by Richard Wilson and starring Michael Gambon in London's West End
  • David Copperfield, Escapade Theatre playing Mr Chillip, Mr Peggoty and Mr Dick
  • Voyager, Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, playing Professor Tim Ferrys
  • 2019  Way Down, directed by Jaume Balagueró
  • 2017  Ferrying Fee, short film, directed by Carme Puche 
  • 2017  The Bookshop, directed by Isabel Coixet, playing General Gamart
  • 2016  Foe, directed by Antoni Solé, playing Mr. Ramku
  • 2015  Ahora o nunca, directed by Maria Ripoll, playing lender
  • 2014  The Second Reign of Night, short film, produced & directed by Antoni Solé, playing Mr. Ramku 
  • 2009  Fuga de Cerebros, directed by Fernando González, playing catedrático
  • 2006  Perfume, Tom Tykwer, directed by Tom Tywker, playing Customer Fishmarket
  • 2005  The Secret Life of Words, directed by Isabel Coixet, playing Factory Manager
  • 2004  Romasanta, directed by Paco Plaza, playing judge
  • 2001  The Machinist, directed by Brad Anderson, playing the bartender
  • 2014-2015  Refugiados, TV serie, playing sacerdote
  • 2011   Operación Malaya, TV Movie, playing El Inglés
  • 2010  Gavilanes, TV serie
  • 2009  Los Hombres de Paco, TV serie
  • 2002  Hospital Central, playing Turista Americano