rosa blake


PRIDE DRAG SHOW - Directed by Severine Kope

VDAY BARCELONA - Directed by Severine Kope                                         

FIGHT, FLIGHT, FREE. An Experimental Dance Film- Directed by Iris Jacobs  

DANS ARA - Choreographed by my class 

THE NUTTERCRACKER - Prague National Ballet  

A CHRISTMAS STORY - Choreographed by Youri Vámos



LA TEMPLANZA - Directed by Guillem Morales / Boomerang TV for Amazon Prime               

MINISTERIO DEL TIEMPO - Directed by Mark Vigil for TV1                                                                              

SAVANNAH - Short directed by Humbert Campings                                                                 

THE APP - Short directed by Humbert Campings                                                                 


PILLOW MAN - Directed by Josh Zamryki